Saturday, January 17, 2009

How to speed up windows vista shutdown process?

some people might have the same question...well here's some easy step to do the tricks..

Windows shutdown command issued, the need to inform the services, apps and processes has been loaded. Windows won't shutdown untill they are closed one by one. And the pagefile needs to be cleaned. In theory,these progresses can not be omitted, or the system will be unstable.

As a result, users, in order to speed up Windows Vista off the pace in ensuring the stability of the system, we need to cut down the hung up time rather than skip them. Then,how?

Wwe can modify the registry option to adjust accordingly to achieve.

1.Cut down latency time of Services

To speed up the pace of Windows Vista's shutdown, first of all, we can shorten the waiting time for services to achieve. Open the Registry Editor, locate the following registry entries:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control

In the right panel, you will see a "WaitToKillServiceTimeout" of the registry. Double-click to modify it and set the default value 20,000 (in milliseconds) to a smaller value such as 5000 or even 1000, and so on. So if Vista has not received any signals of closed services in 5 seconds (5000) or 1 second (1000) , the system will pop up a warning window to inform users that the service can not be ended.

2.Cut down latency time of Apps and Processes

Situation's same as the services. System won't close the running apps untill the latency time is over. So, we can speed up the shudown progress by shorten the latency time.

Navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop

Double-click on the right side of the panel "WaitToKillAppTimeout", set the default value 20000 (in milliseconds for the same) to a smaller 5000 or 1000.

In the right side of the panel, still there is one called "HungAppTimeout" which is the time to wait for not responsing apps to close. Set the default "5000" to "1000."

Then, in the following registry branch:

HKEY_USERS \. DEFAULT \ Control Panel \ Desktop \

Repeat the above operation, that is to modify the value of the registry "WaitToKillAppTimeout" and "HungAppTimeout"

3. Auto End Tasks During Shutdown and Log off

However, even if we set "HungAppTimeout" to a small value, it does not mean that Vista will automatically end the tasks after the procedure or process. Actually the system will continue to pop-up a dialog box for users to confirm . If you feel it too complicated, so by modifying the registry key we can make it possible to end tasks automatically.

Find the following registry branch:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop registry

Find "AutoEndTasks" and set the default value "0" to"1" .

Although with the above methods, we can significantly speed up the pace of Windows Vista's shutdown. However, should be emphasized that, both "WaitToKillServiceTimeout", "WaitToKillAppTimeout" and "HungAppTimeout" are very important and essential in windows. Inproper modification will lead to Instability. it is dangerous to set any of the following registry value to "0".


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